Autolev Parser: Status Update

I have been working on improving the parser by parsing Dynamics online codes, planning out how to go about writing tests and other aspects of the project and getting the PR into shape.

I am currently working on writing tests to cover all the rules of the parser. I should be done with this in 2 days.

This is the plan I have for the third phase:

  1. Make the PR merge ready:
    1. Finish the tests for the parser rules and get the PR merged.
    2. open a new PR to work on further improvements.
  2. additional_tests (will be added in a private BitBucket repo). Here I shall go through many codes from these sources and improve the parser to parse most of these. I shall take notes on little details and errors so that I can include them in the documentation.
    1. PyDy example repo (mass spring damper, double pendulum, chaos pendulum examples)
    2. Dynamics Online Chapters 1 – 4
    3. Autolev Tutorial Examples (5.1 – 5.7)
  3. Documentation (What the parser can do, How it should be used, Limitations, Future improvements etc)
  4. Make the parser parse Dynamics Online Chapter 5 codes and the Bicycle Model.
  5. Final Report

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