Autolev Parser: Status Update

I have a PR for a working parser now with some test cases. The Travis errors I had previously have been fixed.

I am currently going through the chapters of the book Dynamics Online: Theory and Implementation with Autolev and parsing most of the Autolev codes I come across. I feel this would help to make the parser more complete. After getting the desired parsed code I am also running the code and checking that the results are same/similar to the Autolev responses in the .ALL files.

I have parsed the codes of Chapter 1 and 2 of the book and am currently working on Chapter 3. There are 6 Chapters overall and the bulk of the stuff is concentrated in Chapters 4 and 5.

After parsing the codes of this book, I shall update the parser code and the tests in the PR. I will add more test cases as well. I will also send in a file containing all the parsed codes of Dynamics Online.

A lot of the codes are parsing completely fine. A few I feel are quite difficult to parse to SymPy code using a parser and they wouldn’t even be in the spirit of SymPy/Python if parsed exactly. I have marked these for later. A few of them are producing slightly altered expressions or in some cases errors in SymPy. I am classifying all the codes appropriately based on criteria like this.

After parsing the book I plan on finishing up the leftover parts of the Autolev Tutorial examples and making sure the Bicycle Model Autolev code is parsed.

I will then go on to do a complete code cleanup (general cleanup, using standard conventions and better variable names, adding more comments etc).

Finally, I will wrap things up by writing the Documentation and a Final Report. In these I shall discuss: what the parser can do, how it should be used (there are some minor things in some cases that the user should note to get a proper SymPy parse), limitations and future improvements.


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